Has anyone had an issue with a neighbor going through trash to report you for not using trash bags properly?

So I moved into a new place. I had an incident the first week where I left a few boxes in the trash area that I didn't cut down, (previous mansion would cut things down for you, never had an issue) and I didn't know this place was super 厳しい so I thought, hey it's cardboard, it's not rocket science I'm sure they know they can burn it.
Apparently it wasn't cool and I got a phone call from the estate company. At first I thought, how did they know it was me? I didn't leave any labels on it with my address.
Either way, I said sorry and I went home, broke everything down and put it all in burnable bags like they said.
Anyway, fast forward to today (a week and a half later) and last night I put my trash in the stupid little red letters bag that I bought form 7-11 across the street from the station. In the bag was all burnable stuff, no cans or bottles. After I tied it up, I put it outside like all the other burnable bags.
Again, I get a phone call today and they told me that I didn't put my trash in the proper bag and that I have to put my trash in the proper burnable bags.
I'm really confused because they're not telling me what I put in the bag that isn't burnable and they're not telling me how they found out it was my trash. My coworker told me, this some times happens. Old people who don't like foreigners will dig through your trash to find something that doesn't belong and then report you to the management company for your apartment.
Now I'm fucking fired up because if that's what happens, I don't care about all this save face nonsense, I'm gonna catch this old sack of shit and give him the scare of his life.
Is it against any law to dig through someone's private trash? In the US, that's a serious offense but I have no idea how it works here. In the US, you can be seen as attempted identity theft and you can get arrested for going through someone's trash. But I'm not sure if that's what is happening here.
Has anyone dealt with something like this?

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