[New] Weekly Stupid Questions Thread – 1 March 2017

New bat-time, same bat-channel. There was some discussion in the Tuesday thread the other week to move the stupid questions thread to Wednesdays to help fill out the week and get more people posting. Here's the new one for this week. If there are no grumblings can the mods make it a Wednesday thing now? I know we had the Sunday version come up this week already so I guess it hasn't been changed yet.

As usual, feel free to ask away and silly or stupid questions that you haven't had a chance to ask here. Be kind to those that do and try to answer without down voting. It's also a good idea to order by newest post to help other users out. Please remember, this is a thread dedicated to questions you may not normally ask here for any number of reasons. Please keep criticism and snide remarks out of the thread.

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