American Grocery Store near Tokyo?

Just curious if anyone knows of an American grocery store in the Tokyo area (I heard maybe at/near the military base, but I have no idea if it's accessible or what the deal is).

I'm especially craving some Arizona Green Tea, I feel like I remember seeing someone buy it but I have no clue where.

Thanks for any help.

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Decent 3-prong grounded to 2-prong ungrounded adapter?

Hi all,

I've seen a few threads on this but nothing that specifically addresses my question.

Instead of pulling the ground prong out of my US power strips, I'd prefer to just buy an adapter to convert the 3-prong to the two prong outlets in our new apartment.

I found one at Donki but it had a warning on it that it wasn't for domestic use. I'm not sure how unsafe it is to use a cheap adapter, so wondering if there was a decent one with a decent power rating (?). Honestly, I'm unsure how unsafe it is to have a cheap adapter in between a US power strip and the wall.

Side note: I really wished I'd known that pretty much all my appliances would work here. I sold a few that would have been handy, and I bought step up converters (100-120v) which seem completely unnecessary.


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